Stop being so hard on yourself. It’s making your procrastination worse.

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2 min readMay 1, 2022

Do you procrastinate?

Roughly 25% of adults identify as chronic procrastinators.

What you may not know is that your affect/mood will greatly influence your ability to initiate and complete your tasks.

When your affect/mood is low, you will be MORE likely to procrastinate.

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A study from 2010 assessed university students who procrastinated on studying for their initial exams, how they felt about it, and how this affected their ability to study for subsequent exams.

The results clearly showcased that those who had a higher level of self-forgiveness for their initial procrastination were LESS likely to procrastinate on future exams.

The moral of the story…

Stop being so hard on yourself.

The more we can offer ourselves grace and forgiveness and be in a state of self-acceptance > the better our affect will be > and the more likely we will be able to take action on future tasks.

So be kind to yourselves beautiful humans.

If you identify as being hard on yourself (Hard on myself really should be one of my pronouns), try this self-forgiveness meditation.

Much love!

you got this
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